Favorite seasons

In every country I’ve lived in there were always four seasons. I know that not every country had four but in the places I lived in there always were four seasons. In this webpage I want to tell you why I like one season better than the other.


I always loved cold climates better. The fact that you can bundle up if you're cold and be able to take off some layers if you're feeling hot. You have many activities that you can do such as playing in the snow. There are many winter sports that are great to enjoy too. And plus there aren't any bugs.


Spring and fall have, in my opinion, the best weather conditions as they are not too cold or hot. Even if I do like fall I bit more since I feel more comfortable in long sleeve shirts and pants. The fall can have some wonderful leaf colorations. I think the warm colors of the leaves can warm up the atmosphere even when the weather can be a bit frosty.


I like spring as it can be like fall and have great temperatures. The flowers are always pretty and smell good. This is also the time when flowers for fruits can be seen. The colors of the flowers have such vibrant colors and they can make my day. In the spring, when the rain comes it can be relaxing and you can stay indoors and take a break.


Although I’m not a fan of the heat I do enjoy swimming. My most recent favorite water sport is paddle boarding. I do get sunburned easily, and suffered for a few days after playing in the water this summer. I enjoy snorkeling and getting to see ocean animals in the ocean. I do enjoy catching bugs with butterfly nets. The favorite bug being the cicada. The cicada is a nice insect but the chirping can be annoying when you're trying to sleep. A thing I don't like much is the mosquitoes. They itch as most people would know.


Overall I enjoy what all the seasons have to offer even if it can be hard to tolerate some temperatures